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White Washed Wood

Assistant Director/Intimacy Director

Cast Testimonial - Ginnie Thompson, Dogfight 2019

“I worked with Megan on Dogfight in 2019, and when I say she created a safe space I mean it. As a performer who had not experienced staging or performing in an intimate scene before, Meg erased all fear and anxiety, she listened to us at every point particularly focusing on what we were and weren’t comfortable with. It became my favourite part of the show, and that was down to a number of things:
1. Her professionalism and knowledge of the subject.
2. Her directorial skills and help to make sure we all understood what we were doing at every point.
3. Her constant support, which I will forever be grateful for.
Megan is one of the most reliable, hard working and talented directors (and more importantly PEOPLE) I know!

If you take a chance on her you 100% will not regret it.”


Voice Acting

Radio Elusia

"I love Joni so much. She was intriguing and i want to know more!"

- Apple Podcasts

"This is a GOOD SHOW. The sound design is incredible, the message is so raw and real, and the voice actors do such a good job conveying emotion and realness. Definitely glad I found it and excited for season 2!"

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I Love You,

You're Perfect,

Now Change

"This is highlighted by the only performers passing lockdown together, Tom Chippendale and Megan Jarvie, whose duets are highlights of the show. Although they do have the benefit of one it being of the best scenes, both the spoken introduction and the ensuing tango duet of Sex and the Married Couple are as well presented as they are performed."

- All Edinburgh Theatre:

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The Great American Trailer Park Musical, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Broadway Baby, 2017, 

"...but it is Megan Jarvie, as Betty, who steals the show with a stage presence and singing voice which suggest great things for her future."



Maya Shimmin, Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Megan on various fringe theatre projects over the last few years, most recently when she played ‘Rachel’ in Then and Now at Theatro Technis. Her unwavering professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment to every project never ceases to amaze me. Working with Megan is a directors dream- she is reliable, organised, talented, adaptable and enthusiastic. She takes notes gracefully, offering artistic input to the process whenever is necessary and is a fantastic company member. She brings warmth and an infectious energy to every rehearsal room, listens and responds well and is not afraid of hard work when needed. Her acting style is nuanced, it has a softness and responsive nature which results in a naturalistic performance every time. Her training as a musical theatre performer means she remembers staging and specific notes perfectly and her intimacy direction experience allows her to be respectful of a process. She is an invaluable artist and collaborator for any project and production.

Her genuine passion and enthusiasm for her craft makes me believe she will go far in this industry. Work with her whilst you can- you won’t regret it!

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