Any Given Time

By Gemma Murray

Director: Charlie Chauca
Megan Jarvie as Bella
Will Jarvis as Spirit

Any given time is a play surrounding the concept of having the chance to choose your age. It takes a looks at dreams , regrets and what life would look like if you had the power to fast forward or rewind.

Produced for Distracted Rat's "Thing with Feathers - Radio Plays for a New Year." 2020/21


Radio Elusia

Episode #5: Turn On Your Lights

Having made the ultimate sacrifice, it is now down to Raphael and Joni to save Suz and Lia before time runs out. Elusia is a powder keg, waiting for its spark and people are taking to the streets but what comes after the revolution and how can anything go back to normal? Welcome to Elusia, a weekly fiction podcast from Boundless Theatre. Inspired by youth culture, utopias and power this new audio drama tells the story of teenagers, rebellion and transmission in the fictional city of Elusia. Be ready. Be listening. And do not be afraid. This is Radio Elusia.