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Updated: Jun 29, 2021

28 SEP - 2 OCT

“Imagine you’re straight, pissed, horny and you’ve picked up a guy in a bar. You have sex and slam bam you’re or in our case I’m pregnant”

“I’d rather not”

This is the in-person show at the Space, to book for the online livestreamed event please click here.

10 years into their relationship, Rachel and Fiona can agree they met at a book group. But what book they were reading or where they ate their chips on the way home is yet to be confirmed…

Written by award-winning playwright Colette Cullen and directed by Maya Shimmin, When Rachel Met Fiona is a fast-paced, funny play about bravery and choices in life, capturing the epic emotions of the most common human events. The new comedy-drama aims to explore a lesbian relationship covering the same territory as all other relationships such as domestic life, sexual frequency and infertility but with some very important differences. It captures the intimacy of the everyday with truth and honesty, resulting in a nuanced, poignant and funny story – the comedy being one of recognition for anyone who’s ever been in any romantic relationship.

Megan Jarvie will be returning to the role of Rachel, having played the role in the online adaptation earlier this year. The company have been working together on the piece since September 2020 in a Zoom adaptation for the SOS Festival in Santa Clarita and are delighted that the full, in-person piece will now have its UK debut at The Space.

Tickets are available here:

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