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The Revenge Club Sizzle Reel

Megan Jarvie as first cast member and character of "The Revenge Club" - a brand new Scottish teen drama series set in the fictional rural town - Bellswood. Megan will be playing the role of Grace Gray.

~ The Revenge Club intends to be an eight-hour limited series teen mystery drama.

Set in the present day within the fictional Scottish town of Bellswood.

It focuses around the murder of a teenage girl, and the lengths her family and friends will go to seek justice for her death.

Inspired by admiration for crime television dramas and coming of age teen dramas.

An emotional, visceral and character driven roller coaster, The Revenge Club is a teenage drama you have never seen before. It is a mixture of a coming of age drama, sexual awakening, teenage angst, and the horror of a murder that turns a small-town upside down. ~

The impact of backing The Revenge Club will mean that Scottish actors and crew members will get paid work after the most difficult year for the creative community.

Everyone has got through the pandemic by watching television, film, music - whatever creative art has helped you through a rough year and we want to be able send our concept trailer/sizzle reel to distributors and production companies to pitch it to become a binge-worthy drama!

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